Tuesday, May 8, 2012

17th Improvements

 We were able to finish bunker renovations on 17 last week- and just in time!  We received frequent rains throughout the week but were able to complete the project despite the muddy conditions.  We were especially glad to have pushed the project to completion on Sunday morning when we received a heavy thunderstorm which washed out many of our bunkers.  We are pleased to report that our new bunker survived the storm with almost no sign of the heavy rain.

Early Saturday morning- the completed liner ready for sand.
Adding sand is the easy part- especially with a large crew.
Finishing touches.
Like it never happened.
View from the tee.
This week's weather forecast has us cool and dry.  We are hoping to take advantage of the dry weather by sodding the terraces on holes 13 & 17 and by continuing the drainage/ bunkers on lower 2.