Friday, July 26, 2013

Tree Work

We recently had a few trees removed for various reasons and I thought I would give a summary of what's happening for those who might be interested.

We lost a tree on the left side of #14 in early July.  This tree was hollow inside and simply split in half under it's own weight.

# 14
You can see the hollow cavity extending down to the base of the tree which is facing the camera.
 Below are pictures from the left side of #1.  This tree was in serious decline for the past several years and it did not produce a single leaf this spring/ summer.  This tree had such a prominent location on the first hole so we had an arborist inspect it before cutting it down.  We discovered some uniquely shaped concrete blocks lodged in the tree when we attempted to remove the stump.  The blocks are stacked together and we think they were some sort of post (possibly a property marker) at one point?  The tree likely started growing or was planted near the post and probably enveloped it as it grew.

You can see the concrete post in this view.  This was certainly not beneficial to the health of the tree and was devastating to our chain saws.
We had to carve the stump apart around the posts.  We ruined several saw chains and broke two saws in the endeavor.
A picture of the concrete post at #1.
To the left of #18 fairway we had a large oak that was struck by lightning.  It was splintered and split in dramatic fashion.  Again, we found some strange objects in this stump.  It took several hours of carving with a saw and swinging a sledgehammer to dislodge the foreign objects in preparation for stump removal.
This photo shows the treasures we found in the tree left of #18.  Eight bolts and a very large chunk of concrete were found in this stump.