Friday, May 25, 2012

The Evolution of Lower 2

 We have been making big improvements to the Lower #2 green complex over the past few weeks.  This area has been plagued in the past from poor drainage and washed out bunkers.  Our first goal for this project was to replace the drainage around the green and in the bunkers.  We also installed berms to catch and redirect runoff during heavy rains.  Finally, we refurbished the bunkers so that they will be less severely damaged by heavy rains.

The first of two berms which will catch runoff and direct the excess water into the drain.
The catch basins are 30 inches in diameter and we used a 10 inch pipe to carry away the water.
We tied the basin drains into an old tile line that was intact and still functioning well.  Stamped on the pipe was a month and year: "October 1918."

 We utilized larger than normal pipe in the bunkers (6 inch rather than the customary 4 inch.)  We are also utilizing technology often found in septic leach fields.  We installed 75 feet of leach field chamber domes.  These domes are 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide and will store a significant volume of water beneath the sand during heavy rains when drain pipes become overwhelmed.

A section of 6 inch perforated drain pipe connected to the leach field chamber.
We are forming the bunkers with plywood which will be removed once the sand is installed, and sod has rooted down.
  We have been blessed by dry weather throughout the project but received a half inch of rain last night.  We will wait for the area to dry out and begin the finishing touches following the Memorial Day holiday.
Nearly ready for sand and sod!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lower 2

 The beautiful weather has afforded us the opportunity to make progress on multiple fronts.  Drainage improvements are underway and moving along rapidly on lower 2.  We will be adding two large drainage catch basins with berms to help collect the water behind the green.  We are also completely replacing the drainage in the bunkers.  We are optimistic that the fair weather will continue and that we will complete the drainage work next week and begin work to refinish these areas.
Two large drains will help catch water coming downhill from 3 & 4.
The area is in shambles now but will come together quickly with good weather.

We are also very pleased with progress made on 17.  The entire berm was sodded on Thursday May 10.  Four men laid 13 pallets of sod (7,800 square feet) in 8 hours.

Thursday morning.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

17th Improvements

 We were able to finish bunker renovations on 17 last week- and just in time!  We received frequent rains throughout the week but were able to complete the project despite the muddy conditions.  We were especially glad to have pushed the project to completion on Sunday morning when we received a heavy thunderstorm which washed out many of our bunkers.  We are pleased to report that our new bunker survived the storm with almost no sign of the heavy rain.

Early Saturday morning- the completed liner ready for sand.
Adding sand is the easy part- especially with a large crew.
Finishing touches.
Like it never happened.
View from the tee.
This week's weather forecast has us cool and dry.  We are hoping to take advantage of the dry weather by sodding the terraces on holes 13 & 17 and by continuing the drainage/ bunkers on lower 2.