Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lower #2 Reopened Today!

We are happy to have reopened lower 2 green today.  The hole has been closed for improvements for two months.

We have implemented a temporary ruling for Lower 2 which reads as follows.
  • Be aware of plywood which vertically lines the edges of the bunkers on Lower 2.  (The majority of this plywood is concealed beneath the sand with approximately two inches above the sand line.)
  • Please take relief by taking a drop in the middle of the bunker if your swing or stance would be impeded by the plywood.
  • The plywood is temporary and is in place to prevent contamination of the sand with the surrounding loose topsoil.
  • Once the new sod has established sufficient roots capable of holding the soil intact, the plywood will be removed (Mid- July.)
·        For more information visit our earlier post.
Thank you for your patience,
Wakonda Club Grounds