Wednesday, September 28, 2011


View our 2011 USGA Turf Advisory Report here.

Fall Colors

 It is a great time to enjoy golf at Wakonda Club.  The greens are now completely healed from aeration and are rolling well.  The weather continues to be dry and mild.  The leaves on some of the trees have begun turning color and are even beginning to fall.  Turf throughout the course is benefiting from the cooler weather.  The rush is now on for us to complete a few small projects before our seasonal staff depart October 15.
A Red Maple near 16 tee.
Oak leaves are beginning to trickle down on the west side of the golf course.  We have begun periodically blowing and mulching to clean them up.
We recently mowed the Little Blue Stem natural area between holes 16 and 18.
We are nearly finished making bentgrass sod repairs on fairways.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 We have had beautiful weather for our fall aeration practices.  Greens were aerated last Wednesday and Thursday and are growing aggressively and healing nicely.  We just added some additional topdressing sand today to top- off any aeration holes which had settled since last week and were not quite full to the surface.  We anticipate that the holes will be completely healed by next week's Wakonda Cup Event.

Aeration holes on the 10th green.

Fairway aeration is now in full swing.  We were delayed a few days due to a bad clutch in our large tractor.  It will take us over a week to aerify all 26 acres of fairways.

Tee aeration was completed the past two days.  

The 13th red/ yellow tee being aerified early Tuesday morning.

Our staff has worked extremely hard the past two weeks harvesting cores.