Friday, May 11, 2012

Lower 2

 The beautiful weather has afforded us the opportunity to make progress on multiple fronts.  Drainage improvements are underway and moving along rapidly on lower 2.  We will be adding two large drainage catch basins with berms to help collect the water behind the green.  We are also completely replacing the drainage in the bunkers.  We are optimistic that the fair weather will continue and that we will complete the drainage work next week and begin work to refinish these areas.
Two large drains will help catch water coming downhill from 3 & 4.
The area is in shambles now but will come together quickly with good weather.

We are also very pleased with progress made on 17.  The entire berm was sodded on Thursday May 10.  Four men laid 13 pallets of sod (7,800 square feet) in 8 hours.

Thursday morning.