Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's Going on Here?

 You may have  noticed some significant changes on holes 13 and 17.  We thought we would provide an explanation of the work being done.

 We were continuing to experience big problems with 17 bunker following torrential rain events.  Rain runoff; which collects in the valley stretching from the 4th fairway and through #1, eventually makes its way to 17.  Previously, the path into the pond took all the sheeting water directly over the corner of 17 green and  through the bunker.  This water obviously causes tremendous damage to the bunker but also deteriorates the pond's rock wall.  We had just repaired this bunker in 2010 and wanted to take measures to prevent this from happening again. 

Our strategy was to build a terrace which will direct runoff into drains and around the bunker in a different direction towards the pond.  Once the terrace is finished it will be sodded.  The bunker has been completely excavated and we will be installing new drainage along with the liner system we installed on holes 13 and 16 last fall.  The improved performance should be dramatic the next time we get an extreme downpour.

Pictured above you can see the terrace as it appears from the tee.
The terrace up close.
Excessive runoff has caused premature failure of the rock wall.  You can see grass growing in the pond on sand that has been deposited below the wall through the years.  Runoff will no longer be flowing over the rock wall.
We are also making a similar change to the drainage stream on 13.  This stream collects runoff from Southwest 14th street in addition to the golf course.  The problem was similar to what we were experiencing on the 17th and the solution is the same.  

You can see here where excess runoff had eroded around the drain pipe at the beginning of the waterway.
We have added a berm to redirect the runoff water.  Pictured above is the berm as it appears from the fairway.
The berm directs runoff away from the pipe and deposits it in the creek further downstream.