Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

We are experiencing some "cold" weather this morning.  The high temperature is forecast at a mere 65 degrees while the low has dipped to 37.  The light frost we are experiencing this morning is normal for this time of year- our average daytime highs are typically around 60 with lows in the upper 30's.  This morning's frost has almost come as a shock to the grounds crew.  We have been experiencing record temperatures off and on since last fall and the weather this spring can only be described as extraordinary. 

By most estimates the golf course is approximately six weeks ahead of schedule in terms of green- up and turf growth.  It has been a struggle just to keep up with mowing, and frankly, we were falling behind.  It is with great relief that we welcomed back our seasonal maintenance staff on Monday, April 2nd.  We have made significant progress since their return.  We have installed some drainage, applied crabgrass preventatives, performed irrigation repairs, and are starting to catch up on mowing.

During this morning's frost delay we are prepping the clubhouse grounds for Easter.
We have also been working on concrete pads for our water stations.