Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soggy Bunker Boys

It has been a very rainy week here at Wakonda Club. We have recorded 4.5 inches of rain in May (3.5 inches the past week.) The course is draining nicely but is still very wet this afternoon. We had intended on detailing bunkers this week- we are anxious to redistribute the sand and take inventory of bunkers which need additional sand installed. However, Mother Nature had other plans and has presented us with a daunting challenge just to get our bunkers in playable condition for the weekend. Bunkers maintenance is a very laborious process especially when we receive heavy rains. The processes involved are pictured below.
A snap of the edging process underway.
Our big pump takes approximately 1 hour to empty a bunker.

Water from our bunkers flowing like a river by 13 tee.

Removing the silt and clay deposited by the running water- a process which must be completed by hand.
Finally, we push the sand back into the voids and rake the bunker.