Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Continuiing Progress

Good weather is upon us! We are making swift progress on the golf course this week. We are currently sodding fairways, fixing drainage problems, redistributing sand in bunkers, and treating the roughs for weeds. Above is a picture of the left side of #13 fairway. Blemishes are cut out and replaced with new sod from our nursery.

This is a picture of #1 fairway with our drainage issues remedied and bare spots sodded. Once the fairways are finished we will start detail sodding roughs including cart path edges.

Here are some photos of the drainage effort underway on #8. We have miles of old clay tiles throughout the course. Old tile is susceptible to a host of problems which can cause failure and subsequent wet turf and poor playing conditions. Above is a photo of a piece of clay tile extracted from the right side of #8. The tile is completely compacted with mud causing water to run up from the soil and across the surface.

Below is a new addition of drain tile to the left side of #8. This project required 4 men two days to complete. The area was so saturated that our trencher could not operate, therefore, a large portion of the trench had to be hand- dug.