Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bunker Detail

We are currently adding sand to bunkers throughout the course. It is our goal to maintain sand depth in a range of 4 to 6 inches. Many factors contribute to the movement of bunker sand. The sand can shift with the running water of heavy rains. Other factors include wind, traffic, and gravity.

Our maintenance process began a few weeks ago when we started to redistribute the existing sand. We remove sand from areas in excess and spread it in thin areas. During the redistribution process we notate bunkers in need of additional sand. Once we have carefully inspected each bunker we order sand. This year we anticipate spreading approximately 70 tons of bunker sand- that's the approximate weight of 4 dump- truck loads. The process is difficult, time consuming work.Our technician is given a soil profile probe with marks at 4 and 6 inches for quick diagnosis.
A picture of our sand pile at the maintenance facility. Each cart load is approximately 1 ton of sand.
The carts then drive right into the bunker and place the sand directly where it is needed.
Finally, we spread the sand and smooth the playing surface. The new sand will blend with the old and will not be visible for long.