Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cart Restrictions

The view from our shop as a large storm cloud rolls through Thursday morning.
Thursday into Friday we experienced several waves of thunderstorms which dumped over 5.5 inches of rain at Wakonda Club.  We were forced to restrict carts these days but were allowing carts to be used in the "rough only" by Friday afternoon.  When we make golf cart rulings it is not without careful consideration or without cause.  We give every golfer the benefit of the doubt- that everyone will obey the ruling and respect the golf course.  We want you to enjoy the course as much as possible- this is what motivates us. 

To clarify: a ruling of "rough only" means that a golf cart should never contact the fairway turf.  In addition, it is recommended that carts be driven at least 10 feet from the fairway and not in the first cut of rough.  This turf is mowed at a lower height and is therefore less tolerant of traffic stress.  Reference April, 2010 posting "Off the Beaten Path."

 In addition to cart restrictions we utilize ropes to keep traffic from areas of concern where carts will have deleterious effects on the turf.  As you can see below sometimes rules and ropes are ignored.

This area is in the bottom of the approach on #3.  If the ropes were not enough the ruling for this particular day was "rough only"

Tire damage from a golf cart on #11 fairway- not a favorable lie- again the damage was done on a "rough only" day.
The good news from this situation is that the forecasted weather has temperatures in the 70's and not in the 90's.  The affected areas pictured above should recover in a couple weeks.  However, when ambient air temperatures approach 100 degrees and soil temperatures rise into the 90's the areas depicted above would likely die.