Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 1 Progress

 Today concludes the first week of work for our 2011 seasonal staff.  We have a very good staff returning this year- we only had to hire one new employee.  We are lucky to have a very experienced crew at Wakonda.  Our full- time staff (6 men) has an average tenure of 11 years at Wakonda and a combined 92 years of experience in golf course maintenance.  Our seasonal staff consists of 18 crew members with an average Wakonda tenure of more than 6 seasons.  To quote Superintendent John Temme addressing the crew on April 1st: "You're here because you are the best."

During the past week our staff focused on cleaning up sticks throughout the golf course.  Our hard- working crew hand- raked the entire rough in four days!  This week they have also been working on installing fresh hardwood mulch throughout the clubhouse grounds.  The fresh mulch gives the club a much needed spring "face- lift."
Staff members installing fresh mulch near the front entrance.
With the stick cleanup effort complete we will change our focus to the turf.  Spring aerification is already upon us.  We will be deep- aerating the greens next week Monday and Tuesday- tees and fairways to follow.  We have already started plugging individual poa annua plants from collars.  We will also begin sodding cart path edges starting with the 4 new sections which were installed last fall.  Also of high priority is to check bunker sand depth and add sand where needed.  We are anticipating needing a larger quantity of sand than usual this spring because of the extraordinarily bad season we had in 2010.

A muddy mess near the cart path on #15.

The bulk of the work has also been completed on the culvert in the stream on hole 5.   We need to let this area settle a bit and hope to get some dry weather so we can replace the concrete for the cart path and the sod surrounding the area.

Jaret Vasey places plywood across the void in the cart path.