Monday, April 4, 2011

All Hands to Rakes!

 It is a cold and brutally windy day at Wakonda Club.  The grounds staff is working hard despite the conditions.  We have begun work on the drain culvert on the 5th hole.  We dug a portion of the old pipe up by hand and soon discovered that the entire length had rusted and was full of holes.  The decision was made to replace the entire pipe and a backhoe has already begun the process.

Below you can see the old pipe and the erosion problems we encountered last season.

The rest of our staff is diligently working to clean up sticks throughout the course.  Every available hand is being employed to collect all the sticks into piles.  We started on the west end of the property and are working our way to the east.  We will be back to pick up the piles once the entire course has been raked.  We hope to have the task completed this week.  Thank you for your patience during this process.