Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

This week has brought favorable weather and a great deal of progress on the golf course. The overnight lows have been dipping into the 50's which is a welcome change for our staff and our turf. Monday was a day of great progress because we did not have an outing to prepare for. All mowing was put on hold while every crew member worked to make improvements throughout the course.

One of the more notable improvements is the replacement of dead turf on the 8th fairway. Our staff completed this task on Monday afternoon. We will keep carts off this area until the sod has matured- later this fall. There are several other locations where we will continue to replace sod but the area on the 8th was the largest. We have other spots in the fairways and rough which will recover naturally while some locations we will reclaim through seeding in the coming weeks.

Another project, which is currently being completed, is the drainage in the landing area on the 4th hole. This drain will extend through the 1st fairway and will improve conditions there as well. We feel this project will have a tremendous impact by improving the aesthetics and playability of these holes.

Above, drainage being installed to the landing area on #4. Below, a picture of the finished product.