Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Member/ Member, Lone Leaf

It has been a busy week here with the Wakonda Club Grounds Department. We worked feverishly following the July 4th holiday to prepare the course for the Member/ Member event on July 9th and the Ladies' Lone Leaf July 13th & 14th. Our staff put in extra hours to have the course in the best possible condition for our members.

Current activities throughout the course are pictured below.

You may have noticed that we removed a large Bur Oak to the west of 6 fairway. The tree was rapidly dying due to old- age (220 years.) The green committee had golfer safety concerns and recommended it for removal. After an aborist's consultation the decision was made to remove the tree. We are currently planting 4 Bur Oaks in the vicinity as replacements. Pictured above you will see workers planting the new trees and the hole from the old tree which has been filled and seeded.
Bunkers are all in acceptable playing condition for the first time in weeks. Pictured above is the bunker to the left of 5 green. Approximately half of the sand had to be removed from this bunker due to contamination caused by June's heavy downpours. We have begun checking depth and redistributing sand throughout the bunkers on the course.

We have also begun the process of sodding blemishes in the fairways. You will notice areas which declined severely in June due to excess rainfall. We will sod the worst areas and will identify other areas which can be improved through seeding. Pictured above and below is an area which is being sodded on the 13th fairway.

Many of you may wonder where we obtain replacement sod for our fairways. Pictured below is our turf nursery which is located along the south end of the driving range. We have a section of A1/ A4 green- height turf and a larger section of Pennlinks II/ Penneagle II turf which can be utilized on the fairways. This area is an extremely valuable asset to our operation because the turf is a perfect match for the varieties established on the golf course. As you can see, we have plenty of sod which will make a big impact for a quick recovery in the fairways. We will reseed bare areas this fall and will have a fresh crop for harvest next season should the need arise.