Wednesday, April 17, 2013

17th Hole Progress

   During the past couple of days, we experienced a nice break in the cold and rainy weather pattern that we've been stuck in, which allowed us to finally focus our efforts on preparing the 17th hole approach for bentgrass sod. Many hours were spent hand-raking and perfecting the soil sub-grade before the new sod could be laid out. Once we were satisfied with the soil preparations, we began to cut all of the necessary sod from our large bentgrass nursery, which you may have seen on the driving range.

Carefully laying out the new bentgrass sod.
The finished product.

   We are extremely happy with how the approach turned out. In the coming weeks, we will be fertilizing and frequently topdressing the approach so it can be ready to withstand excessive play. Also, we will be installing bluegrass sod around the approach and bunker to finish up the area.

   Also, we were able to finish our green's aerification on the golf course, yesterday. To date, aerification has been completed on the greens, tees and fairways. We still plan to aerify all the collars and approaches once the weather clears again.