Monday, March 25, 2013

Waiting Game

 We're all tired of snow and are looking forward to warmer weather.  If  hard work and determination could usher in Spring, we would be basking in warm sunlight today.  We were able to pull off the green covers last week despite heavy snow and ice accumulations on several of the covers.  We were glad to get this task accomplished with more snow arriving this weekend.  Having the covers off doesn't mean that the golf course will be open when the snow melts.  It may have; however, brought us a day closer to opening once the golf course thaws out and drys up.  At this point, it will likely be some time in April before the course opens.

Crews shoveled ice and snow all day on Friday.  #11 had the heaviest accumulation.  (This is the east side of 11 green.)

Layers of packed snow and ice made shoveling difficult.

#7 had some of the deepest snow on the cover in the bunker.

Ice picks and sledge hammers were used to break the ice on #8.

The final push on the west side of #11.  Everyone got in on the shoveling to get the final cover off before the weekend.