Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Update

 It's time for a winter progress update!

 Pictured above is the view from underneath the cover on #13 green.  We are still experiencing a moderate drought in Iowa.  Without snow cover we were becoming concerned that the greens would need to be watered.  The good news was that the greens we checked had good moisture and color.  We also received snow which adds moisture; as well as, insulation from the bitter winter winds. 

We have finished approximately half of our winter maintenance on our fleet.  Pictured above are fairway mower reels dismantled and ready for new bearings.   The second photo shows a reassembled mower in our grinding cabinet being sharpened.

Beto is once again in charge of refurbishing our course equipment: rope stakes, tee markers, hazard stakes, plaques, etc.  Pictured above, Beto is in the process of sanding and repainting our 180 tee markers.