Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Season Ending

We have enjoyed a mild, dry autumn at Wakonda Club.  Conditions for golf have been very favorable and we have observed greater than average play on the course. Our staff now consists of a mere 6 personnel and it has been a struggle to keep up with mowing and leaf cleanup.   Crew number peaks in May with 23 people and decreases in size beginning in August when our interns return to college  On October 14th our seasonal employees worked their final day for 2011.  Please be patient and recognize that our maintenance schedules must change when we have fewer staff members.  Greens, tees, fairways, approaches, and collars will all be mowed less frequently through the remainder of the season.  We will also change hole locations less often. 

November is typically a very busy month as we prepare to close the course for winter.  Course closing is obviously weather dependent but usually occurs toward the end of the month.  We will outline the course closure procedures in a later post.  We thank you for your understanding and hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy your golf course this fall!