Friday, August 26, 2011


Our Midwest Region USGA Agronomist, Ty McClellan, visited Wakonda on Wednesday, August 17.  Ty spent the day with John Temme and the green committee discussing the golf course.  Ty was complementary of the condition of the golf course given the extreme heat experienced in July.  He said that our collars looked better than average and said we are taking the correct measures to promote overall collar health and recovery.  Ty also added that our greens once again had the best roots he has visited this season.  

Roots on #11 green extend well beyond Ty's soil sampler.
 The entire grounds crew is currently enjoying the cooler weather.  With the drop in temperatures we have begun our efforts to seed various areas of the course which died this summer.  Areas seeded include: low- lying fairways, 10 tee, and small patches in the collars and first cut of rough.

Areas like this one on #8 have been seeded and should recover through the fall.
 We have also started a few other projects this week:

Drainage being installed in front of the indoor practice facility.
We are also cleaning up bentgrass invasion along pond banks.

You may have also noticed that climbers from Perficut removed a large dead oak near the 13th fairway.