Friday, May 27, 2011

Water Quality Management

As part of our continued environmental efforts, we recently conducted water tests to check the quality of our water bodies. Protecting the health and integrity of our water bodies is an essential component of showing our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our main goal for this water test was to determine exactly how much nitrate was leaching into our water bodies.

For this water test, two water samples were taken. The first sample was collected by 10 tee complex, to determine the water quality at the top of the watershed. The second sample was taken at the bottom of the watershed near the Hubbel property line. These sites were chosen to check the quality of water coming onto and leaving the course.

Water testing process

After completing  the chemical analysis, we began to evaluate our results. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set 10ppm as the maximum value allowed for clean, safe drinking water and groundwater. Both water samples had a nitrate level of 2ppm, which is well below federal regulations. Another positive is that no extra nitrates were deposited into the water than were already present in the top of the watershed. One reason for this is the taller grass surrounding all of our water bodies. This tall grass acts as a buffer and helps us reduce chemical runoff. We will continue to monitor our water quality monthly and pursue a more environmentally friendly golf course.