Thursday, February 10, 2011

Employee Spotlight: John Phillips

In the coming weeks, we are going to introduce you to the full-time maintenance staff employees. These full-time maintenance employees are the reason this course remains in pristine condition. Each person is extremely knowledgeable with all course operations and takes pride in the job they do every single day.

We will introduce each employee one-by-one, in order of seniority; therefore, first up: John Phillips. John has been with Wakonda Club longer than any other maintenance employee, 25 years. His wealth of knowledge is very beneficial for maintenance operations. During the winter months, he services many of our mowers and large equipment, which is a very time-consuming and delicate task. During the playing season, you will most likely find him on his John Deere tractor mowing rough.

Living only a few doors down from the maintenance shop, John is the only maintenance employee who lives within walking distance from the shop. John is the proud owner of one of the manliest garages you'll ever see. Inside you'll find three, large flat-screen TVs, along with comfortable furniture, which is sure to satisfy any viewer. Most of the time, these TVs are tuned into Nascar, football or the Iowa Hawkeyes. John's favorite thing to do is watch Nascar and racing. During the racing season, he also likes to attend most of the races at the Iowa Speedway. His all-time favorite Nascar driver was Dale Earnhardt, which led to his purebred pug's name, Dale, who has an Iowa Hawkeye nametag.