Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aerification Underway.

Spring Aerification has begun. We start the process by topdressing with sand.
Next, we aerate using a 1/2 inch diameter solid tine which creates a hole 9 inches deep.
The third step in the process is to brush the sand into the holes.
Finally, we blow the sand across the green two times. This process incorporates more of the sand into the holes and removes the excess sand from the putting surface.

The end result is pictured above. The vast majority of holes are filled to the surface with sand. This helps the green heal faster and improves green health. There are approximately 20 holes per square foot- over 3 million holes throughout all the greens. We require 3 semi truck loads of sand to complete the project.

Aerification has been completed on the front nine fairways. We will continue aerifying the back nine fairways, all the tees, and collars in the coming week.

Other current activities include: irrigation system maintenance and drainage repairs.